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About CompareFootballOdds

About CompareFootballOdds and Football Odds Comparison

What Do We Do?

CompareFootballOdds is an odds comparison service that compares football odds from UK licensed bookies. We show you the best odds available, so you can maximise your winning bets.

By specialising in one sport, we aim to find the best bookies for football and tell you which online bookmaker gives the best odds on the teams you follow.

This service is free and independent. To get started, click here.

Why Use An Odds Comparison Website?

Quite simply, each bookie can offer better or worse odds than their competitors - the other bookies. They want your business, but want to pay out as little as possible. You can play bookies off against each other by searching for the best odds. That way, if you win you'll get the maximum return.

Searching through all the bookies' websites to find the odds they offer can be difficult and is certainly time consuming. That's where odds comparisons websites can help you find which bookmaker gives the best odds. That way, you'll get the best returns when you win.

What Makes CompareFootballOdds Different?

There are plenty of other odds comparison websites, but we built CompareFootballOdds because they didn't do what we wanted as punters. In particular, those other websites tended to have poor search facilities or returned too many results from bookies that are not licenced to operate in the UK.

CompareFootballOdds provides you with five key benefits:

1. Easy Search

You don't need to trawl through pages of odds for games that don't interest you. Just type the name of the competition or team you want into the Search box in our home page, and we'll show you the best odds. Interested in trying something new? The competitions page lists all the football competitions from around the world that we cover, along with the number of football bookmakers we have included in the odds comparison.

2. Save Your Favourites

Like our site? If you plan on using CompareFootballOdds regularly, you can save your favourite teams and competitions (just click the big star next to the Search box). You'll need to register for this, but we need only your email address (no other details are required).

Then, next time you visit our site, you can save time by simply clicking on "Favourites".

We promise never to spam you, and will not sell your email address.

3. Set Up Reminders

Once you have chosen your favourites, you can opt to receive regular emails showing the latest odds for your teams and competitions. These emails can be daily or weekly, and can be stopped at any time.

4. Independent

CompareFootballOdds is completely independent. Unlike some odds comparison websites, we are not owned by a bookie so there is no conflict of interest.
We retrieve data from odds feed provided by our affiliated bookmakers. This ensures data is accurate.
Free odds comparison sites that have not obtained affiliation with bookmakers may "screen-scrape" or use other unofficial methods but this may lead to inaccurate data.

Our service is funded by advertising and affiliate programmes (that means that if you sign-up to a bookie by clicking on one of the links in the CompareFootballOdds website, we'll get paid commission). This will not affect the odds offered to you by each bookie.

5. UK Based

We search for odds on football matches being played all over the world, but we only list odds offered by bookies licensed to operate in the UK rather than checking all the independent online bookmakers available worldwide. This means you won't waste time on odds that are too good to be true from dodgy bookies, or genuine odds from any bookies that don't operate in the UK.

Who Are We?

CompareFootballOdds is produced by a small, independent company based in Edinburgh, UK. We launched this website in 2020.

We are constantly trying to improve this site. If there is a feature you'd like to see added, or a missing competition or team that you'd like us to check, just Direct Message our Twitter account @OddsCompare and we'll do our best.